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Legal Services Offered: Cases We Handle



Specializing in Matrimonial and Family Law

With almost a decade  behind the firm, we've become well rounded in many facets of the law. Real Estate and Criminal Law are two of these branches. We've served clients in both branches and have a sparkling record to show for it. 

Helping clients with there Real Estate needs isn't just another transaction for us. I've seen friends, family and clients buy and sell properties that changed their lives along the way. Being able to help from the thought ,through transition, brings shear satisfaction. I've also seen clients who sought out my services after being deceived in prior transactions. Knowing the nuances and details allowed me to guide and support them toward a positive outcome.


The scope of our Criminal Law branch found me along the journey. It began so many years ago with friend who needed help. Although this case was a more personal one for me, my abilities and skills allowed me to help others in this same realm. I've assisted so many individuals in clearing their names and having their innocence restored. I thrive when pursuing justice in your name... and honor the chance to do so.


With this said, Family Law and Divorce are the areas I serve more so than the others. The percentage of families having to navigate their way through this trying time is exceedingly high in numbers. Nothing warms my heart more then to unravel the discord that a family suffers, clean the slate and help their story to move forward with dignity and peace. 

Please take a look at the additional pages that cover the three areas of Law that I am proud to represent. 

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Attorney


Try to look for an attorney who is from your surrounding area. Of course there are excellent referrals that come from outside of your city that would do a great job, however, hiring local representation could be a benefit. Less travel time for you and even lower rates are possible. Local attorneys know the in's and out's of their courtroom better and this can be an advantage if needed. 


If you're having a baby, you wouldn't go to a dentist to help you get through your childbirth, of course the person you'd consult would be your obstetrician. Be sure the attorney you choose is experienced in the type of law that you need them for. On the flip side, an attorney of ten years may provide better services then one who's been in the field for 45 years. Do your research and trust your instincts. 


Have you done your research? Have you read the reviews and testimonials. There are websites for attorneys that specifically offer you these. Do your diligent research to determine who is the right fir for you and your circumstances.  Be careful, recommendations from a neighbor down the road could be great but they might not be the one for you.


In a large firm, the initial consultation will be with the head attorney. Unfortunately, it's not always relayed that this particular attorney will not be the one standing by your side on the day you stand before the Judge. Instead, you will walk into the Courtroom to have an "attorney from the team" waiting for you. Can you be sure they know your case like you do?

Success Rate

On the phone or during your consultation, your attorney should be focused and on point. You need to feel on the inside that they will be there for you, every step of the way.  At the same time, ask about their successes. A confident attorney will give you details about their cases, enough so that you'll feel confident that they are in your corner.  Their successes will determine the strength of your case.


It's important to trust your gut feeling. Do you feel rushed during your consultation? Do you feel that without even knowing them well, that they will have your best interests at heart? Follow your instincts. Your initial feelings are usually right. You know you best, trust that. This is the time to use good judgement and to listen intently with both ears.


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